Service & Support

Whether you are looking to expand your office to include your own in-house email server, or you just need some help figuring out what a particular error message means, we have the right tools and expertise to get you going.  Here are a few of the service options EnlightenMac Consulting has to offer.

          Software purchasing, installation, setup and troubleshooting.  This includes all products from  Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Filemaker, and many other companies.

     ๏     Hardware purchasing, installation, setup and troubleshooting.  This includes all computers, peripherals, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other portable devices.

     ๏     Hardware repair and upgrades for most Apple desktop and laptop computers.  

     ๏     Operating system maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and reinstallation.  

     ๏     Data migration from old to new computers.

     ๏     Data recovery for computer hard drives and some portable devices

     ๏     Backup evaluation, creation and supplementation.

     ๏     Remote, telephone, email and onsite support options are available.

Network & Server Support

     ๏     Network evaluation, installation, setup, and security for hard-wired, wifi or combination systems.

     ๏     Custom-tailored design and deployment of Apple Server technologies, including filesharing, calendaring, web hosting and more.

     ๏     Kerio collaboration software installation setup and deployment for optimal data control and synchronization.

     ๏     Constant remote monitoring of servers,

Academic Environment Support

     ๏     Classroom and campus-wide technology deployment, including teacher and administrator stations, student computers, iPads, SMART Board technologies and more.

     ๏     Mobile iPad lab development and deployment.

     ๏     Data storage and usage plans tailored to an educational environment.

     ๏     All network and server support described in the section above.

     ๏     Technology security evaluation, setup and supplementation.

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